#CV306 Tyler
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Tyler (32A-28-33) is an 18 yr-old cheerleader from East Connecticut High who wants to cheer just for you!  She starts off telling you about herself then does a little cheer.

Next, Tyler calls her girlfriend and tells her about all the nasty stuff she did in the backseat of her date’s car last night as you get some up the skirt panty shots. She has to hang up so she can use both hands to give you pulled open spread shots of her teen pussy. Then she moans as she masturbates and cums.

On the floor she pulls out her 8” dildo. She licks it, sucks it and gags on it! Tyler buries it deep into her young pussy and fucks herself as her milky white juices build up and cling to the toy as she screams and cums again!

Later, she shows you how flexible she is as she tells you about all the dirty things her and her young cheerleader friends do to each other. On all 4’s, she shoves a butt plug deep up her tight, teen ass. She fucks her butt with it until she is so exhausted, she collapses, leaving it perched in her ass!

Naked, she uses a doctor’s speculum to spread her pussy lips for some deep, wide super close-ups. Finally Tyler braids her hair and gets dressed for practice but can’t go until she shows you exactly what she uses her pompoms for. She shoves them in and out of her vagina and ends with a sweet orgasm!

53 Minutes

  • Item #: CV306

#CV306 Tyler

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