#1514 Sandi
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You’ve never seen a girl masturbate with such fierce abandon!  She loves it and really gets into it!  You’ll see lots of shocking pulled open coochie & butt-hole close-ups!  Sandi is a lovely & friendly 19yr. old with a sweet Texan voice and a firm 5’3”, 341/2C(real)-23-341/2 body & long legs!  Both videos are rated: Nudity with warm sweet smiles & eye contact. Most Intense Masturbation To Date?  You decide.

Watch her pull “it” open & push her “love muscles” out!  1. Couch: Blouse & Panty Tease - She pushes her panty crotch deep inside with 2 fingers & gets wet!  Naked, her face gets red & sweaty as she “jack hammers” 3 in front and 2 up her rear (on all 4’s) deep, hard & non-stop!  Her Face Contorts as she loses all control and Squirts, Drips & Splatters for a loud orgasm!  Dirty, breathless talk! 2. Bed, Sexy Nighty Strip - More dirty talk!  With her knees past her shoulders, she says “It Hurts So Good” as she slams inside her coochie & butt again!  Watch her juices shoot up & soak her hand for a second orgasm!  It’s so intense she Loses Her Breath! 

68 Minutes

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#1514 Sandi

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